SEO is an ongoing journey, combining technical optimizations, keyword research, and consistent content creation. It’s not an overnight success story, but the results are worth the effort. Clients who invest in SEO often see their search rankings improve dramatically—from 100+ to the top ten in just a few months.

By focusing on SEO, you can enhance your Shopify store’s visibility, attract more organic traffic, and boost sales. Start your SEO journey today and watch your store climb the search rankings.

5 Reasons our SEO packages will benefit your Shopify store

Better Results

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Increase Conversions

Count on our proven monthly SEO packages to boost your business’s conversion rates.


Securing Great ROI

We aim to increase your bottom line by driving more conversions for your business.

Performance Specialists

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Meaningful Reports

Make data-driven decisions to grow your business with our clear and actionable reports, ensuring all your hard work pays off.


Technical SEO Plan

Technical Audit & Fixes

This plan is designed to help Shopify store owners identify and fix existing technical issues on their websites. The objective is to ensure that your site is optimized for search engines and has a strong foundation for future SEO efforts. Our services include:

  • Research: Data gathering from the client, competitor analysis, keyword gap identification, and keyword planning.
  • Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools: Verification, creation, and optimization as necessary.
  • Sitemap: Verification, creation, optimization if necessary, and submission to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Technical Audit: Conduct a thorough technical audit to identify and resolve issues.
  • Duplicates: Fix meta descriptions and title tags.
  • 4XX Errors: Repair broken links.
  • URLs: Correct poorly formatted URLs.
  • Missing Elements: Address missing H1 and H2 headings, meta descriptions, SSL certificates, and title tags.
  • Optimization: Adjust <title> tags that are too long or too short, and enhance pages with low word count.
  • Content Planner and Competitor Analysis: Prepare a comprehensive content plan and competitor analysis to guide your ongoing SEO strategy.

Advanced SEO Plan

Keyword Research & Content Optimization

This plan is designed for Shopify store owners who want to improve their website’s visibility in search engine results through strategic keyword research and content optimization. Our focus is on understanding your target audience and optimizing your site’s content to attract potential customers. Services included in this plan are:

  • Navigation Optimization: Enhance the user experience and search engine friendliness of your site’s navigation.
  • Homepage Optimization: Improve content structure, internal links, H1 and H2 headings, content, alt text, and meta descriptions.
  • Collection Pages Optimization: Optimize H1 and H2 headings, content at the top and bottom of pages, alt text, and meta descriptions.
  • Rich Content – FAQs: Add frequently asked questions to enhance content depth and user engagement.
  • Rich Content – Advanced On-Page Schema: Implement advanced schema markup to improve search engine understanding of your content.
  • Robots.txt: Set up and optimize your robots.txt file for better search engine crawling.
  • Internal Linking: Strengthen internal linking to enhance navigation and SEO.
  • Blog Template Optimization: Optimize blog templates for better structure and SEO.
  • Blog Post Template Optimization: Improve individual blog post templates for enhanced readability and search visibility.
  • Products Optimization: Optimize product pages for better search engine rankings and user experience.

Ongoing SEO Plan

Content Creation, Maintenance & Optimization

This plan is designed for Shopify store owners who need continuous support in maintaining and improving their site’s SEO performance. It includes content creation, optimization, and monitoring to ensure your website remains relevant and competitive in the ever-changing search landscape. Services included in this plan are:

  • Content Planner: Develop a strategic content plan based on keyword research and industry trends to keep your store’s content fresh and relevant.
  • Content Creation: Produce high-quality, SEO-optimized content, including blog posts, product descriptions, and landing pages to attract and engage potential customers.
  • Link Building: Acquire high-quality, authoritative backlinks through outreach and content promotion to boost your site’s authority and search engine rankings.
  • Monthly SEO Reports: Monitor and analyze site performance, organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversions to keep track of your SEO progress.
  • Ongoing Optimization: Regularly update and optimize content, meta tags, and internal linking to maintain and improve search engine rankings.

After analyzing your store, our team will use the most effective keywords to improve your search engine rankings. We can also identify areas needing improvement to understand the time and effort required for a successful optimization campaign with targeted keywords. Our SEO packages not only optimize your store for search engines but also enhance the overall user experience to boost engagement and conversions.

Scanning Website

Target Keywords

Search Results

SEO Case Study

Industry/Niche: Sport

Targeted Area: USA

Objective: Increase organic traffic and Improve rankings for specific keywords


Before the start of the SEO campaign, the client faced significant challenges due to having two separate websites for the US and UK markets. The main issue was dealing with duplicate content, as the only differing factor between the two sites was the terminology used for the same sport: football and soccer. This led to difficulties in search engine rankings, website traffic, and overall SEO performance. Resolving this duplicate content issue was crucial to improving the client’s online visibility and ensuring a consistent user experience across both websites.


Addressed challenges through: technical fixes, unique content, optimized meta tags/structure, enhanced homepage, targeted keywords, and off-page tactics.

Actions Taken

  1. Technical Fixes:
    • Conducted comprehensive website audit.
    • Resolved crawl errors.
    • Improved site speed.
    • Ensured proper indexing.
  2. On-Page Optimization:
    • Created unique product descriptions.
    • Optimized meta tags (titles, descriptions).
    • Restructured site for improved navigation.
    • Optimized FAQ page with targeted keywords.
    • Enhanced homepage content and layout.
  3. Off-Page Tactics:
    • Implemented strategic link-building campaign.
    • Acquired high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites.

On-Page SEO

Content Optimization:

  • Created new blog posts focusing on trending topics relevant to the target audience. For example, articles discussing “Top 10 Football/Soccer Training Tips” catered to both the US and UK markets.
  • Updated service pages with detailed descriptions highlighting unique selling points and benefits. For instance, revamped product pages included comprehensive information about features, specifications, and customer reviews to enhance user engagement and conversion rates.

Meta Tags and Structure:

  • Adjusted title tags to include targeted keywords and improve relevance to search queries. For instance, the title tag for a product page might be optimized to include variations of “football/soccer equipment” to appeal to both US and UK audiences.
  • Optimized meta descriptions to provide compelling summaries that entice users to click through to the website. For example, meta descriptions for service pages were crafted to highlight key benefits and solutions offered, increasing click-through rates and organic traffic.
  • Implemented structured data markup to enhance search engine visibility and improve the display of rich snippets in search results. This included markup for product reviews, ratings, and pricing information, providing users with additional context and improving click-through rates.

Off-Page SEO

Implemented a link-building strategy focused on partnerships with coaching programs, securing high-quality backlinks. Conducted monthly backlink cleanups to remove low-quality links, ensuring a healthy backlink profile and enhancing SEO performance.

Ranking on our top 100 keywords:

Ranking overall:

Traffic Growth:

As a result of our efforts, organic search traffic has surged by 80%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SEO Packages Worth It?

Buying an SEO services package for your Shopify store can be highly worthwhile if it includes services tailored specifically for your business and designed to deliver results. Over 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Moreover, with 75% of internet users never clicking beyond the first page of search results, it’s clear how crucial it is to rank high for the right keywords. Our Shopify-focused SEO packages ensure your store gets the visibility and traffic it deserves.

Is SEO Needed Monthly?

Climbing the SERPs for your Shopify store is a marathon, not a sprint. Paying for ongoing services month to month is an excellent way to ensure consistent and sustainable progress. At eCommerce-Today, we don’t lock clients into lengthy contracts; however, many continue using our services for a year or more. That being said, you don’t have to purchase an SEO package for even one month to rank above your competitors. Our tailored Shopify SEO solutions are designed to deliver results that help your store stay ahead.

Why Do I Need SEO?

Google’s algorithm, which considers over 200 factors, is a software script that matches webpages and other digital assets in its database against a keyword search. The better your Shopify store addresses these factors, or ranking signals, the more likely it will appear high on the SERPs. As a result, potential customers will have an easier time finding your store, increasing your visibility and sales. Our Shopify SEO services are designed to help you optimize these ranking signals effectively.

How Long Does It Take for SEO to Work?

Due to the complexity of Google’s algorithm, SEO is an ongoing process that won’t yield results overnight. At eCommerce-Today, we typically inform our Shopify clients that they can expect to start ranking higher on the SERPs within about three months. This delay is primarily because numerous factors need to align for Google to process changes or additions and then reorganize its results accordingly. Our Shopify SEO services ensure that all necessary adjustments are made to help your store achieve higher rankings efficiently.

How Can I Get a Free SEO Audit for My Store?

To get a free SEO audit for your Shopify store, simply contact us at eCommerce-Today. You can reach out by emailing Valentina at [email protected] with your request. Our team will then analyze your store and provide a detailed report highlighting areas for improvement and opportunities to boost your search engine rankings. This audit will give you valuable insights into how to optimize your store for better visibility and performance.

Reach out to discuss in detail your eCommerce plans and find the best approach, tools, and optimal direction!


Our team of experts will thoroughly analyze each page type on your Shopify store across various devices. We will examine the website’s header, footer, homepage, collection and product page structures, static pages, search results pages. During this audit, we will identify technical issues and compare your site against industry best practices.