eCommerce Store Management

Your eCommerce Team

Running a successful eCommerce business means daily, weekly and monthly optimizations and constant efforts to stay active on all sales channels. Hiring one person or more to handle this internally is a limited solution. Not a lot of individuals out there are up to date with the latest standards and tools in eCommerce. From data management to SEO, from conversion rate optimization to graphic design and content creation, we have a team of specialists, ready to handle all eCommerce related tasks.  


Data Management

Product Management
  • Data Gathering, Cleanup & Standardization: cleaning up catalog from old, discontinued products. fixing broke products. adding additional product data as per the customer requirements. finding product data online.
  • Image Processing: image gathering, image cropping into white background, image resizing
Category Page Management
  • Category Creation: creating categories with correct meta information – populating them with products
  • Category Cleanup: reviewing website analytics and proposing category visibility changes

Maintenance & Optimization

Competitor Research
Going through competitor websites and making a list of useful improvements for the client website
Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Usability Audit: reviewing website analytics and proposing category visibility changes
  • Landing Page Creation: building landing pages and categories as per the client or case requirements
  • Landing Page Optimization: reviewing website analytics and making changes to top landing pages in order to decrease bounce rate and increase conversion rate
  • Exit Page Optimization: reviewing website analytics and making changes to top exit pages in order to decrease bounce rate and increase conversion rate
  • On-site Search Optimization: review on site search terms and optimizing their corresponding search results pages

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO
Local Search Optimization: Optimizing the website’s keywords for specific locations. Google my business optimization. Localized content creation
eCommerce SEO
  • SEO Auditing & Fixes Implementation: Identify seo issues and implement fixes
  • Product Optimization: Optimize product data
  • Site architecture: Review, research and propose a correct site navigation structure
  • Content creation: Create blog posts, category description and landing page content optimized for better SEO

Content Creation

Blog Posts
Creating keyword oriented blog articles based on a wide variety of categories
Product Optimization
Optimize product titles, descriptions, meta information and images
Category Descriptions
Optimize category/collection titles and descriptions – SEO friendly
Social Posting/Recurring social posts
Creating optimized posts for social media channels – image, video, gif, text

Graphic Design

Brand Kits
A brand kit is essentially a toolbox for spreading your brand’s visual identity across everything you design
Landing Pages and Infographics
Preparing landing pages based on ideas or requirements. From wireframes to final product
Banners optimized for website, social media, email, social and regular print
Email templates optimized for desktop/mobile view based on today’s best practices
Video Editing & Optimization
Optimizing and editing videos for web use

Audit & Consulting

Business Operations Optimization Consulting
  • The factual analysis of the current performance of the end-to-end processes;
  • The identification of performance gaps, ie: the causes of problems and sources of waste;
  • Defining a strategy for the future and the steps required to achieve it.
New Features, Technologies & 3rd Party Integrations Consulting
Being up to date with the latest technologies, best practices and optimizations, we’ll look and analyze your current integrations and consult on what would best fit your store in terms of functionality and price
Development Company Project Management
Managing a team of developers can be challenging. Following projects and communicating with technical support is something that we can help with.
eCommerce Strategy Consulting
Our experts can help with all aspects of your eCommerce, from strategy, to integrations, to migrations, to support. We’ll work with you to create goals and make data-driven decisions using the latest marketing and analytics tools.
Reach out to discuss in detail your ecommerce plans and find best tools for optimization!


Our team of experts will go through each page type on your website on several devices. We will look at the website’s header, footer, homepage, collection and product page structures, on static pages, search results pages, and shopping cart. We will check these pages for technical problems and compare them against industry best practices. You will get one final list of tasks that need to be completed in order to improve the website’s usability, complete with snips of the problems and solutions. You will then be able to implement the fixes on your own or use our team to assist you every step of the way.