Email & SMS marketing

Email & SMS Marketing – Automation & Campaigns

The importance of email marketing for an eCommerce store is crucial. It is one of the best marketing methods for increasing conversion and delivering a high return on investment (ROI).

Email marketing continues to outperform other marketing channels by a long shot: for every $1 spent, you can expect an average of $45 in return. That is an ROI (Return On Investment) of 4500%! (Statista, 2021)

eCommerce-Today is an email marketing agency that delivers email strategy, email automation & campaign management, and email audits. With 11+ years of experience, building marketing campaigns for a large variety of eCommerce verticals, we can help your business grow, automate, and optimize through digital marketing.

Increased competition and new consumer expectations have made customer acquisition much harder and more expensive since COVID started.

  • On core Facebook (excluding FAN), CPMs (Cost per 1,000 impressions) rose 47% in Q3 2021 versus Q3 2020—and +33% versus Q3 2019, according to data provided by performance marketing agency Tinuiti.
  • On Instagram, CPMs increased 32% versus Q3 2020 and 23% versus Q3 2019, per Tinuiti data

So prior to investing in ads, it is important you have your sales funnels properly set up and optimized in order to maximize conversion rate.

A recent study showed that less than 15% of eCommerce stores out there are NOT properly implementing automated, personalized emails.

Setting this up would definitely offer a competitive advantage to your store!

We Integrate Our Work With Your Favourite Email Marketing Service Provider


Depending on your ecommerce platform, we can work with any of the below email marketing service providers and much more.

Reach out to discuss your email marketing strategy and let’s find the best service and approach to match your goals and budget!

Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation means sending out automated, or triggered, emails to your subscribers based on actions they take or have taken in the past.  This is an important step before pushing paid traffic to your store as it will maximize conversion rate for that paid traffic.

We can help with setting up and integrating a recommended email marketing software provider, creating a blueprint for your specific needs, creating flows and content for the emails in the flows.

Our recommendation is to have the 5 basic flows setup and working for you. Once these are setup, they will work automatically and you won’t have to do any work on them anymore.


List Management
  • List review & Cleanup
  • List Ramp Up
  • List Maintenance Flows (Sunsetting, Re-Engagement, Winback)
Automation Management
  • Blueprint Creation
  • Flows & Logic Creation
  • Templates Creation
  • On-going Optimization
Campaign Management
  • Creating Newsletters
  • Creating Graphics
  • Proposing Newsletters based on Marketing Planner
  • Optimizing & Sending Newsletters
Competitor research
  • Email structure & design
  • Content schedule & analytics
  • Content type
  • New Subscriber – the target is to capture email addresses in an ethical manner and then turn new subscribers into new customers by offering an incentive on the first purchase. It usually contains 3 emails
  • Site abandonment – the target is to bring back a visitor that did not view any product pages. Show off your best sellers and build interest and confidence. It usually contains 1-2 emails.
  • Browse abandonment – the target is to bring back a visitor that viewed product pages. Showcase the product and build confidence in the store and the brand. It usually contains 2 emails.
  • Cart abandonment – the target is to bring back a visitor that added items to their cart but did not reach the checkout. This visitor is typically still looking to shop for more products so we’re sure to show them bestsellers, ideally related to his cart. It usually contains 3 emails.
  • Checkout abandonment – the target is to bring back a visitor that abandoned the checkout process, ideally incentivizing some at some point in time. It usually contains 3 emails.
  • New customer – the target is to build the brand, promote post-purchase services, and, most importantly, drive a second sale. This flow typically contains 4-5 emails over a 30 days period.
  • Technical Setup Audit: review domain authentication, check blacklists, check integration between sales channels and email marketing automation
  • List Audit: review list health and email marketing KPIs. review subscription entry points
  • Automation Audit: review automation for missing mandatory flows and for issues with pre-existing flows
  • Email Marketing Audit: full email marketing audit consisting of technical, audience, automation and KPIs
  • Sending Domain, DKIM, DMARC, SPF
  • Email Marketing Provider Research & Recommendation
  • Email Marketing Provider Integration & Setup
Popups & Forms
  • Delayed popup, exit-intent, footer, custom pages
  • Custom email preferences form
  • Tell us more form
  • Returning Customer Flow – These are customers that have placed 2 or more orders on your website. On top of the traditional emails where you say thanks, and you ask for reviews, this second order is a great opportunity to give away a Friends & Family coupon. Give your new returning customers a few coupons that are worth something so they have something to share with their friends and family. This will be a great opportunity to get new clients!
  • Sunsetting Cleanup Flow – a cleanup flow should automatically pick up your inactive subscribers and customers. What is an inactive subscriber or customer will be different from store to store depending on what you sell, how active you are with email marketing, how seasonal your business is. The rule of thumb here would is to ask yourself: “If I were a customer, how often should I buy from my store and how often would I open these newsletters”. Based on your answers build 2 segments: inactive customers and inactive subscribers
  • Replenishment Campaigns – these campaigns will work only for specific products but you can get creative for sure! Pet and household supplies will be great here. Supplements and beauty products can also work. But, why stop there? Apparel also works!
  • Related Products – The customer just placed an order for a pair of jeans and you have just the right tank top that would go great with them? This is happening every day to everyone but you can make a change. Get your best selling products or best selling types of products down on paper. Then figure out what would be great related products and cross-sells for each.
  • Post Purchase User Generated Content – One of the most powerful ways to sell your products is by showing your customers using it. Studies show that 86% of women use social media for shopping advice. That’s why user-generated content or UGC has become such an effective and viral way for brands to promote their products and increase sales


Our team of experts will analyze each of the factors that influence email marketing success. This audit can help you pinpoint issues with your send lists, your timing, your content, and so much more.
We will look at the email marketing workflow and processes, infrastructure, data quality, lists and audience segmentation, performance metrics, integration.
You will get one final list of recommendations, complete with snips of the problems and solutions.