• Become an eCommerce expert
  • Work in a Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous Team
  • Have colleagues not bosses
  • Study, implement, test, and experiment with new tasks and skills

How do we work?

You can work with us from the comfort of your home or a sun lounger on a beach in Greece or the Maldives. Our work is 100% digital and it is logged through our Project Management tool.

We communicate in real-time using our internal chat, chat rooms, and google meet.

Why work with us?

Everyone on our team gets a chance to learn everything about eCommerce. From building a website to optimizing it, to pushing products to marketplaces, from email marketing to digital ads, from eCommerce Consulting to troubleshooting. You can go through all of these while getting proper training and internationally recognized certifications.

Who we are?

We’re a fast-growing eCommerce Managed Services agency. We’ve been doing eCommerce since 2010 and our team today is made up of 20 people.
Our clients range from small (+$1Million) mom-n-pop doing stores to large (+$1 Billion) multinational companies.