A welcome email is the first interaction your business has with your new subscriber. It represents the perfect opportunity to leave an excellent first impression on your customer. The main goal of this welcome message is to confirm a new registration, welcome a new subscriber aboard, and deliver the incentive promised to them upon signup, such as a discount code or a lead magnet.

Here are the five best strategies for a successful:

Offer a discount

The best way to break the ice for the first purchase and create goodwill between your business and your new, engaged subscribers is to offer an incentive. This could be discounts, freebies such as coupons and vouchers for future purchases, free shipping, or some other type of incentive.

Tell your story

You shouldn’t assume that your customers know what your business is and does just because they’ve signed up to your email list. You should tell your story without overwhelming your customers.

A welcome email is a perfect medium to achieve this and showcase your values ​​and key selling points.

Looks and personality

Your email should reflect your brand. Stick to your style guide and try to match the email experience with the look and feel of campaigns new subscribers might receive in the future.

Also, pay attention to the brand’s language and tone when composing a welcome email. If your brand is casual and quirky, make a joke to show your personality. However, do not prioritize smart writing over email clarity. If your company is passionate about something, you should express it in your text. However, don’t come across as too angry and don’t do too much fear marketing.

Inspire confidence

A customer landing on your website for the first time needs to be reassured that your website is reliable and that they can shop there without hesitation. The perfect way to achieve this is by adding testimonials and reviews from other customers.

At the end of the automation is the perfect place to send along customer testimonials and positive reviews.

Send a Welcome Email Series

Data shows that sending a series of three emails generates 90% more orders than a single welcome email.

1. In the first email, you welcome the subscriber and briefly introduce the discount and the benefits of being a member of the community. 

2. In the second email, you introduce your brand to the customer. 

3. The last email inspires trust – this is the email where you send testimonials from customers.

For some inspiration, you can check the examples below:

Automated welcome emails offer a slew of benefits for businesses, from increased engagement to more sales. If you’re not using them in your marketing strategy yet, it’s time to start. Our team can help get you started with automated welcome emails that produce results. What are you waiting for?