It’s the holiday season, and it’s full of opportunity. Last year, holiday retail sales grew 4.8% over the previous year, and they’re expected to grow another 4.5% this year. Holidays are the ultimate time to drive 2023 sales, but the online market is as crowded as a holiday mall. You can’t just improvise your way through it – you need a solid, Santa-approved marketing plan. So let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into some jolly marketing strategies that will not only increase your sales but also spread the holiday spirit like a warm, festive hug!

Game-changing holiday marketing strategies for your eCommerce business

The holiday season is e-commerce’s high tide, when the right promotional strategies can send your sales graph soaring. But how do you ensure that your brand not only floats in the competitive sea but rides the wave triumphantly? The answer lies in creating unique, engaging, and customer-centric promotional ideas. Here are some of our secrets that have been hugely successful for clients in a variety of niches:

Create a Gift Guide: Help Your Customers Decide Easier

Navigating through an ocean of products can be overwhelming for your customers. So, simplify their journey with curated gift guides. With this in mind, segment these guides by interest, price range, or demographic (such as “Gifts for Tech Lovers”, “Under $50” or “Gifts for Her”). Improve your customer’s shopping experience and your sales by guiding them to the perfect purchase with engaging visuals and descriptive copy.

Tip: Promote the Gift Guide product collections on your homepage (“Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts for My Mom, etc.”) and create a hero section banner to direct users to the Gift Guide landing page. Furthermore, add the landing page to your main navigation, and send out emails, push notifications, and post on social media about the gift guide.

Simplify customer purchases with holiday bundles

Bundles not only make shopping easier for customers looking for the perfect gift, but they also provide a cost-effective solution by offering a more attractive price point than individual purchases. Put together a bundle of complementary products (such as a skin care kit or a tech gadget combo) and offer them at a special price. This not only increases your average order value but also encourages customers to explore more of your product range.

Tip: Try using Shopify Bundles (free), BundleBuilder: Custom Bundles (free trial), or other apps to create bundles. You can also bundle frequently bought together products with apps like Upsell & Cross Sell – Selleasy (free plan available).

Countdown to Holiday Joy with Shipping Cutoffs and Timers

In the holiday shopping race, shipping deadlines are critical. Furthermore, announce your shipping cut-off dates and include a countdown timer on your website and in your email campaigns to last-minute shoppers. It creates a sense of urgency, encourages quicker decision-making, and improves the user experience by keeping customers informed. Remember to include your shipping cut-off time in your shipping policy as well.

Gift of Free Shipping and Hassle-Free Returns

You can significantly increase your conversion rates by offering free shipping and easy returns during the holidays. That’s a simple way to build customer trust and retention and turn browsers into buyers.

Tip: Take advantage of extended returns for the holidays. No one wants to have to deal with a return during the holidays. Plus, offer your customers the option to return orders that are placed in December through the end of January.

12 Days of Christmas Promotions: A Daily Surprise

With a 12 Days of Christmas promotion, you can create a sense of excitement and anticipation. Hence, reveal a new deal, discount, or exclusive offer daily. This keeps customers coming back and involves them in a fun, festive way.

Tip: Promote your 12 Days of Xmas on multiple channels:

  • Set up a landing page with 12 question mark banners. Reveal a new promotion in one banner each day during the promotion period.
  • Send out 12 emails. Each email will reveal a new promotion.
  • Send out 12 push notifications announcing the new promotion revealed.
  • Post the promotion on social media, or run 12 giveaways on social media that are linked to the 12 days of Christmas promotions.
  • Give VIP Customers Exclusive Offers

Reward your loyal customers by giving them exclusive offers or early access to your holiday sales. Therefore, make them feel valued and increase their loyalty and spending with customized discounts or special rewards.

Make the most of Unboxing Post-Christmas Sales

Importantly, the holiday spirit doesn’t have to end at Christmas. Henceforth, take advantage of the Boxing Day or post-Christmas sales period to plan and promote. Clear out your inventory and keep the sales momentum going during this period.

Jolly Good Web Design: Creating a Festive User Experience

In essence, your e-commerce website is your digital storefront, and a festive makeover can be a big boost to your customer experience and sales. Let’s explore some of the creative ideas you can use to spruce up your store for the holiday rush and turn it into a delightful, festive destination for shoppers.

Festive Homepage Transformation

Your home page is the first impression customers get. Give it a holiday makeover with a seasonal banner for the hero image with a redirect to the gift guide. Moreover, add the holiday collection to your homepage. You also can add special labels for the holiday products on sale.

Use a Holiday-Themed Announcement Bar

Share important holiday information with your announcement bar. From special offers to shipping deadlines to holiday greetings, this bar is your direct line of communication with customers.

Add the Holiday Gift Guide in the Navigation Menu

Help customers find the perfect gift by adding a dedicated Gift Guide section to your navigation menu. The holiday guide should be easy to access and well-organized to help streamline the shopping experience.

Build a Holiday Collection Landing Pages

Build dedicated landing pages for your holiday collections. Your holiday specials, holiday bundles, or limited-edition products can be featured on these pages. Optimize them for SEO to increase visibility, and decorate them with festive designs to attract and retain customer attention.

Take advantage of the wishlist feature

If your store doesn’t already have it, now is the perfect time to add a wishlist. It allows customers to save their favorite items and share them with friends and family, increasing the likelihood of purchase and driving more traffic to your store.

Highlight Top-Sellers and Discounts

Prominently display top-selling or heavily discounted items on your website and other marketing channels. Thus, this not only helps customers make quick decisions but also increases the visibility of your best deals.

Spotlight on eGift Cards

Equally important is promoting the eGift Card as a versatile and convenient gift option for last-minute shoppers. eGift Cards are perfect for those who are not sure what to buy, allowing you to reach and sell more with minimal effort.

Reflect and Recharge: Shaping Your E-commerce Strategy

The holiday season requires more than external, customer-focused strategies. It requires internal harmony and strategic foresight. The balance between organizational management and forward-thinking planning is critical for smooth sailing through the holiday season and beyond. Here’s a look at how you can align your team’s efforts with future planning for a successful e-commerce journey.

Get Ready for an Early Preparation for Smooth Sailing

To avoid getting caught up in the holiday rush, get everything lined up well before mid-December. This includes inventorying, marketing campaigns, updating websites, and preparing customer service. With early preparation, you can handle the increase in traffic and sales with ease and without last-minute problems.

Take a Reflective Year-End Review: Create a Game Plan

As the year comes to a close, take time to reflect on your performance. What strategies worked? What didn’t? What lessons are you taking away? Analyzing your successes and areas for improvement lays the groundwork for future strategies. Based on your previous year’s analysis, create a game plan for next year.

Prioritize well-being and morale

The holiday season can be overwhelming for your employees. So make it a priority to keep them happy by encouraging breaks, recognizing hard work, and maintaining a positive working environment. Undeniably, happy employees mean happy clients. Remember to plan your human resources well for December and take into account the holidays of your employees.

To sum up, as the holidays come to a close, it’s the perfect time to start planning for an even more successful future. If you’re looking for a partner to help you implement these strategies and more, let’s talk about how 2024 can be a breakout year for your e-commerce business. Schedule a free consultation call with us.