Cart abandon is the most inevitable situation in the e-commerce world. Nearly  76% of carts are abandoned every year – that means that only 1 in every 4 customers finishes their purchase. This comprehensive blog intends to look at how to recover lost customers by implementing abandoned cart emails.

What is a cart abandon email?

An abandoned cart email is a follow-up email sent to a customer who added products in the shopping cart, started checkout but, by various motives, didn’t finish it.

It is an email destined to remind the purchasers about what they left behind and encourage them to complete the purchasing they were already on the brink of making.

Any e-commerce business can send cart abandoned emails to improve conversion rates and recover lost revenue.

Here are the five best strategies for a successful cart recovery email program:

1. Segment your customers

When it comes to an abandoned cart email, one of the most popular strategies is offering a discount coupon. And because it is such a popular tactic, everyone expects it. The risk is that in the long run, discounts will devalue your products. So what is the solution?

Segment your customers into different categories

You can segment your customers into different categories like first-time abandoners, repeat abandoners, loyal customers who abandon. By doing so, you send them customized emails based on the category they are placed under. The reason is that a first-time customer might abandon his cart for a different reason than a loyal customer might do.

For loyal shoppers, you can implement a loyal & rewards program. By doing so, you will not offer a new discount. Instead, you will nudge our loyal customers to use the points that they have already earned.

2. Focus on the subject line

It is a matter of fact that the subject line decides whether your customers will open your email or not.  A well-written subject line will pique the interest even for the most hesitant shopper. So you can craft your subject line to convey your call to action in a way that whets the appetite of your subscribers:

  • Promotional Subject Lines With Discounts –  Empty your cart with XX% off
  • Curiosity-Inducing Subject Lines – We have something special for you

  • Product Shout-Out Subject Lines – Still can’t let go? Your [Company Name][Product Name] is waiting
  • FOMO Subject Lines – Hurry! Your cart is about to expire
  • Customer Service Subject Lines – Can we help?

3. Get the timing right

Creating the email and sending it are two different things. You need to take into account the product type and then decide when to send it. For example, a customer with purchase with more value needs more time to think, so their approach will be slightly different from the common one.

  • The first email should be sent: 40-60 minutes after the cart abandonment
  • You can send the second email: 24 hours after the cart is abandoned/ 3 or 4 days after the cart abandonment (more value purchase)
  • We recommend sending the last email: 3 or 4 days after the cart abandonment / 2 weeks after the cart abandonment (more value purchase)

4. Optimize your call-to-action for conversion

Your Call To Action (CTA) is probably the most important in your email. Your CTA leads the shoppers through the sales funnel, giving them clear instructions about what to perform next. 

In a cart abandoned email, using a CTA in which you ask your customer to buy is the highest commitment that you can ask for.

Instead, you can ask them to return to their cart.

5. Send a series

Sending an abandoned cart series can boost your conversion rate more than sending a single email.  The reason is that it gives retailers the opportunity to explore different psychological aspects of the shoppers.

The first email sent, triggered in an hour, is a gentle reminder to the customer that he left items in his cart. 

If the first email fails to persuade the customer to complete the purchase, then a second email is sent – this email must create some urgency.

And, for those customers who still don’t convert, a third and final email could be triggered to persuade them with an incentive to complete their purchase.

Cart Abandon SMS Marketing

The same principle used in emails ​​can work for SMS too. An SMS message can drive an immediate response from shoppers while also increasing mobile conversions. That is because the likelihood of a person checking his phone messages more than that his emails is greater. Usually this message contains specific product information, and a unique URL to send them back to their shopping cart.

We gathered one of the best examples for you:


cart abandon


cart abandon
Taco Bell
Cart abandon
Cart abandon
Given the high cart abandonment rate, an abandoned cart series is crucial to increase your sales. It is easy to set up, so pick one idea from this article and start your journey to conversion rate optimization.