3rd Party Marketplaces

Selling on Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, etc has multiple benefits for your online business: getting access to millions of potential customers.
Increasing brand awareness and more traffic on your own website. Plus getting more sales for the products you wish to list.

Even though most marketplaces offer easy setup – tutorials and wizards, keeping your listings up to date is time consuming.

With more than 10 years of experience of working with marketplaces, we can help you get started and every step down the line.

Technical Setup

  • Marketplace Integration: finding out what integration possibilities exist between the desired marketplace and the CMS. installing and setting up the sync.
  • Product Data Requirements:  finding out what the taxonomy requirements are and communicating them to the client
  • Product Data Preparation: adding necessary product data

On-going Maintenance

List Management
  • Pushing New Products: perfecting product data and listing new products
  • Adapting As Per Marketplace Requirements: adapting the product data structure when the marketplace taxonomy changes
  • Checking KPIs: checking marketplace KPIs and communicating best practices to the client on a as-needed basis
  • Marketplace Errors: regularly checking for marketplace errors on existing products and fixing the errors
Reach out to discuss in detail your 3rd party marketplaces compatibility and find best tools for optimization!

FREE 3rd Party Marketplaces AUDIT!

Our team of experts will analyze each of the factors that influence the success of selling on 3rd party marketplaces.
You will get one final list of recommendations, complete with snips of the problems and solutions.