Digital Advertising

With so many options out there, it is difficult to know what platforms will perform best and which are not suited for your business. We strongly recommend having a well-planned online marketing strategy that ties together a variety of digital marketing services. Consumers now flip back and forth between stages in the buyer’s journey, so employing a variety of tactics like PPC, Local Services ads, Display Advertisements, Retargeting and social media must be tested and optimized.  


Ads Setup & Campaign Management
  • Search: Text ads on Google search results
  • Display: Image ads on websites or on Gmail
  • Video: adding necessary product data
  • Shopping: Product listings on Google
  • Smart: Simplified automated ads on Google and across the web
  • Local: Drive customers to a physical location


Ads Setup & Campaign Management
  • Image Ads: Use single images to advertise your brand, products and services
  • Video Ads: Use videos to advertise your brand, products and services
  • Carousel ads: Feature a series of images or videos that users can swipe through
  • Collection ads: Showcase products directly from your product catalog
  • Explore ads: Explore ads allow businesses to be shown alongside culturally relevant and trending content
  • Shopping ads:Take users directly to a product description page within the Instagram app and allow them to purchase

Microsoft Bing

Ads Setup & Campaign Management
  • Expanded Text: Text ads on Bing search results
  • Dynamic Search: Automatically targeted expanded text ads
  • Smart Search: Advanced expanded text ads
  • Audience Ads: get additional high-quality traffic from non-search placements such as ads placed within articles, are engaging for users, integrate naturally into page content, and deliver visually rich ads
  • Product Ads: Simplified automated ads on Bing
  • Multimedia: Capture a potential customer’s attention with large visual imagery that showcases your brand and products to increase traffic and sales


Ads Setup & Campaign Management
  • Image Ads: Drive people to destination websites or apps through high-quality and engaging visuals.
  • Video Ads: Show off product features and draw people in with sound and motion.
  • Carousel ads: Display up to ten images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link. Show different images of the same product, or create one long photo that people can swipe.
  • Collection ads: Encourage shopping by displaying items from your product catalogue
Reach out to discuss in detail your digital advertising strategy and find best tools for optimization!


Our team of experts will analyze your marketing activities and efforts on digital marketing channels. The performance of all your practices, strategies, ads, and posts is evaluated–giving you an understanding of where your digital gaps and loopholes exist. You will get one final list of recommendations, complete with snips of the problems and solutions.