Selling on Marketplaces can seem to be a daunting task when you think about inventory and order management. You will need to list products, sync their inventory and product data, sync orders and fulfillment data (i.e. tracking information).

Over the years I’ve worked with countless marketplace integrations, extensions and services for Magento and every time I found that there is one extension I can rely on. That extension is M2E Pro.

M2E Pro is an extension for Magento that helps you with everything you need in order to sell on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Having these 3 marketplaces dialed in will give you a huge advantage over your competition so it is a great starting point.

Whether you have 20 SKUs or 200.000 SKUs an integration will save you a lot of time and grief and it will allow you to scale.

How do M2E Pro and Magento work together?

M2E Pro will give you 3 new menus in Magento, one for each marketplace. From within those menus, you will be able to list products and control marketplace products and orders. This means that you almost no longer need to login to the actual marketplace accounts – everything is now in Magento within easy reach.

How much does M2E Pro cost?

If your marketplace sales are under $10.000 it’s FREE! If your sales go over it’s super affordable and much cheaper than similar services. The best part here is, implementation and reliability are very high so you won’t incur additional development costs in the future.

How do I set up M2E Pro?

There are 2 easy steps to get M2E Pro set up on your Magento site:

1. install the extension from the Magento Marketplace: M2E Pro Amazon eBay & Walmart Integration

2. create your free account on M2E Pro’s website: and get your license key

How do I start using M2e Pro?

The support team went out of its way to create step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting guides that cover everything you might need. That information is readily available here M2E Pro Documentation

In conclusion, if you’re looking to set up a multi-channel system that speaks perfectly to your Magento website you have found the right partner in M2E Pro. Pushing products, synchronizing and fulfilling orders on Amazon, Walmart and eBay have never been easier!

If you are new to all of this I’d recommend getting an external consultant to help you get going. This will save you a lot of time and money – more than you can even imagine at this point. As always, reach out to me below for help or add your comments to the comments box.