Wix to Shopify Migration & Email Automation Setup Vanillapoint.nl

The Project

VanillaPoint.nl, a website that deals with importing the highest quality vanilla directly from plantations in Uganda to Europe, aimed to migrate from Wix to Shopify to access advanced marketing functionalities, improve site performance, and establish a cohesive brand identity.


Shopify Store Redesign
Data Migration from Wix
Brand Identity Development
Email Marketing Automation

Vertical / Geography

Food & Drinks
Netherlands / Europe

The Process

To address VanillaPoint.nl’s needs, we initiated a comprehensive strategy that began with competitor analysis and theme and app research. We migrated all customer, order, and product data, ensuring no data loss, and implemented extensive SEO measures, including 301 redirects and manual verification of the top indexed pages.

We created a cohesive brand identity and designed a brand style guide to unify the site’s appearance and feel. Essential tools such as Google Search Console, Google Merchant, Bing Webmaster, Meta Business Manager, and Google Tag Manager were integrated. Our team also set up a comprehensive email marketing automation system using Klaviyo.

The project was completed within 3 months. During this period, we migrated all data, created a cohesive brand identity, and designed a brand style guide. We also improved the website’s UX, connected the store to Google and Meta marketing services, and implemented advanced email automation flows with Klaviyo.

Shopify Store Design

Website Features:
Advanced product filtering and layered navigation
Custom pages and policies implementation
Detailed SEO integration and optimization
Enhanced website speed and performance
Comprehensive brand identity and style guide
Advanced email automation flows with Klaviyo
The successful migration to Shopify and comprehensive site optimization for VanillaPoint.nl resulted in enhanced user engagement, operational efficiency, and increased sales, setting the stage for future growth.

Email Automation

We implemented a thorough Email Marketing Automation structure for Vanillapoint.nl, targeting key customer engagement points. This includes flows for new subscribers, site abandonment, browse abandonment, cart abandonment, checkout abandonment, and new customers. Each flow is designed to re-engage users at various stages of their journey, enhancing customer retention and conversion rates through personalized, timely email communications.

Website Features

Shopify OS 2.0, Bootstrap 4.0 Grid, Mega Menu, Vertical Menu, Advanced Layered Navigation, Product Swatches, Wishlist, Sticky, Free Shipping progress bar, Lookbook, Sale Notification popup, Low Stock notifications, Custom Product Tabs, Dynamic Checkout, AJAX loading for filters, pagination, sorting and search, Reviews slider, Product Page Size Charts, Mobile Optimized Design, Lazy Loading, PJPG, xerox integration, Instagram feed, Upselling & Cross-Selling, Events Calendar (where people can book courses and see available dates).