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Stefan Chiriacescu - eCommerce expert



1988: Born on August 12th, in Bucharest, Communist Romania

1988 – 1993: Spent the first years of my life in a small village with two wonderful grandparents

1993 – 2010: Education, Sales and Gig Economy

2010 – 2014: Graduated from college, got married, had 2 great kids, and ran an eCommerce Business

2014 – Today: eCommerce Managed Services Agency Owner and Executive eCommerce Consultant


I was born in ’88 in Eastern Europe right around the time the communist regime was in free fall. The whole world around me was changing dramatically, and I learned how important adaptability is.

From hardware and software computer repairs to building loud-speakers and even cleaning up neighbors’ backyards in search of scrap metal, capitalism and the Internet were the key foundations on which I’ve built myself up as a professional.

When I sold my first business, in 2014, I had learned Magento and eCommerce from Google and online forums. I felt like there’s a wealth of knowledge I could share with other business owners, so they do not make the same mistakes I did.

Today eCommerce Today has worked for, or consulted, hundreds of businesses in North America, Europe, and Oceania.

Over the years I’ve worked with the biggest CMSes like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, with the most complex ERPs (like CounterPoint, Retail Edge, RunIt,) and hundreds of third-party tools used for marketing, reporting, fulfilling, payment processing and integrations.

In 2018 I’d reached the 100 clients milestone. In 2019 the first +$1 billion client and in 2021 the first +$10 billion client milestone.

Today my main goals are:

  • continue to develop a friendly and fulfilling working environment where my team can continue to grow and evolve
  • continue to grow our ecosystem of apps and services to be able to better serve all our clients’ needs and requirements quickly and efficiently

Recognition & Awards

Speaker at International eCommerce Summit 2023

Live event in Prague: Email Automation – Get a Huge Competitive Advantage Quickly

Speaker at Ecom World Conference 2022

Business Track – Mastering Email Marketing Automation

Speaker at Ecom World Conference 2021

Marketplace Domination: A Proven Approach for Selling & Scaling on Multiple Marketplaces

Shopify Solution Specialist Certifications

Business Fundamentals

Partner Program Fundamentals

Marketing Fundamentals

Project Management Fundamentals 

Sales Fundamentals

Shopify Plus II & III

Klaviyo Email Marketing Automation Specialist

Magento Commerce Solution Specialist

The Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Commerce Alumni

University of Cambridge, ESOL Level 2 Certification


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