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For this client, we prepared an only store in order to highlight the education part (specialized beauty courses) and the store. The purpose was to create a great user experience and highlight the importance of specialized courses in the beauty industry. Currently, we are working recurring with Suzanne for almost a year and the results are incredible! 


B2B Functionality
Shopify Store Design
Email Automation Setup
Booking Functionality



Creative Process

We prepared an only store for this client to highlight the education part and show how important it is in beauty courses. The purpose was also make a great user experience, which would cause more attention from potential customers on what they are offering at their site with special offers/discounts if any available during your visit or purchase through email automations & campaigns sent out every month about new classes being offered as well continued support after registration where we provide tips&tricks so people can explore all areas of expertise before committing themselves fully into one particular course type etc.

Our purpose was to create an easy and efficient customer experience for all of the visitors. A strong point of this project is that customers can find relevant information with the help of the landing pages and we can also target keywords for SEO optimization.




Shopify Store Design

The new site design for the Suzanne Egan Academy tells a much more compelling story than their old one. To do this, we researched and implemented an awesome kit with all sorts of assets like graphics or video material to show how great they are at what they do- teaching young people important skills so that later in life it will help them succeed!

Email Automation

We prepared a thorough Email Marketing Automation structure targeting New subscribers, Site/Browse/Cart/Checkout Abandon, and New Customers.

B2B Functionality

We implemented the B2B functionality for the Shopify store by adding a form for wholesale application, creating B2B products and collection, restricting access to retail customers for the B2B collection through carefully selected apps and implementing VAT and taxation rules based on customer tags and location

Website Features

Shopify OS 2.0, Bootstrap 4.0 Grid, Mega Menu, Vertical Menu, Advanced Layered Navigation, Product Swatches, Wishlist, Sticky, Free Shipping progress bar, Lookbook, Sale Notification popup, Low Stock notifications, Custom Product Tabs, Dynamic Checkout, AJAX loading for filters, pagination, sorting and search, Reviews slider, Product Page Size Charts, Mobile Optimized Design, Lazy Loading, PJPG, xerox integration, b2b app integration, instafeed, upsell & crossell, Calendar (where people can book courses and see available dates).


My previous website was built in Magento. After an initial research process and discussion with eCommerce Today, they proposed replacing it with a new Shopify-based site because it would be more suitable for my purpose. Then, they developed our website from scratch.
During the development process, eCommerce Today had to import manuals and other pieces of content from my old Magento site, which made it much more complicated than just starting from nothing. They also were in charge of solving many issues related to pricing, inventory, and more.
eCommerce Today built a website that worked perfectly and met my requirements. After its recent launch at an auto show in Budapest, we got great feedback from customers who actually joined and created accounts. My friends were also satisfied with my new site.
Radu Irimia, Owner