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We decided to migrate to Shopify from Magento for several reasons. First, Shopify is much easier to use and more user-friendly. Second, it offers a lot more features and is more customizable. Third, it integrates with a lot of other applications and services that we use, which makes our lives much easier. 


Magento-Shopify Migration
Shopify Store Design
Email Automation Setup


Spare Parts

Creative Process

We maintained the dark look of the previous website so that the returning customers still recognize the store. We incorporated fresh graphics, video embeds, bigger product images, and clean fonts on the new store.

The biggest challenge of the project was the products catalog which spans over 8K parent SKUs, with 32.000 simple SKUs.
It wasn’t necessarily a problem to migrate, but we used this opportunity to also clean up the catalog with the client’s help.

Our agency’s experience with both Magento and Shopify helped us complete the project with great ease and precision.


Full Migration

We implemented a full migration of data from Magento to Shopify, saving historical order and customer data, migrating the catalog, and creating redirects for all URLs to preserve SEO rankings.

Email Automation

We prepared a thorough Email Marketing Automation structure targeting New subscribers, Site/Browse/Cart/Checkout Abandon, and New Customers.

Pre-Order Functionality

We created a meta field to allow for custom delivery dates so customers will know if they are ordering a product that is in stock or not.

Website Features

Shopify OS 2.0, Bootstrap 4.0 Grid, Mega Menu, Vertical Menu, Variation Filters, Advanced Layered Navigation, Product Swatches, Wishlist, Compare Functionality, Price and/or Stock countdown, Sticky Add to Cart on the product pages, Quick View, Related Products, Free Shipping progress bar, Lookbook, Sale Notification popup, Low Stock notifications, Estimated Delivery time, 4 levels navigation menu, Custom Product Tabs, Dynamic Checkout, Pre-Order functionality, AJAX loading for filters, pagination, sorting and search, Reviews slider, Product Page Size Charts, Mobile Optimized Design, Lazy Loading, PJPG


My previous website was built in Magento. After an initial research process and discussion with eCommerce Today, they proposed replacing it with a new Shopify-based site because it would be more suitable for my purpose. Then, they developed our website from scratch.
During the development process, eCommerce Today had to import manuals and other pieces of content from my old Magento site, which made it much more complicated than just starting from nothing. They also were in charge of solving many issues related to pricing, inventory, and more.
eCommerce Today built a website that worked perfectly and met my requirements. After its recent launch at an auto show in Budapest, we got great feedback from customers who actually joined and created accounts. My friends were also satisfied with my new site.
Radu Irimia, Owner