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From Small Startups to Global Enterprises, each eCommerce business needs these TWO things:

eCommerce Foundation Package - 25% Off

Get started with both website optimization and email marketing automation fundamentals and get a 25% discount*
*Terms & Conditions apply

eCommerce Foundation Package

Get started with both website optimization and email marketing automation fundamentals and get a 25% discount today*
*Terms & Conditions apply

Answers to Your Questions

How long will this take to complete?

Provided we have a clear brand kit and direction on the design, we can complete both milestones – website optimization and sales funnels in about 4 weeks.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the final result?

Each milestone includes two iterations. We will present the first draft of the website and emails for you to review and you can provide feedback that we will implement – two times in this process. We want to be ensure you are happy with the end result.

How much of my time will be required throughout the process?

We will need your guidance in the beginning as we want to ensure all content and design elements are on brand. Once we get started, we are quite independent and will only reach out to you when we have the first draft ready for you to review.

Do you offer training or guidance for my team to manage the new system?

The foundation package includes a one-hour training for both milestones. Once the project is completed, you can request additional comprehensive guidance for you, and your team. 

How is the communication going to happen and how accessible are you?

We communicate via email and/or scheduled calls only. All emails get a response within 1 business day. This ensures our team is focused on doing the work and providing the best results.

What happens after the project is completed?

Once we have the first project done, we will prepare a detailed, personalized plan to work with you on a recurring plan. With the foundation well setup – website and sales funnels – we can start bringing traffic and increasing sales.  

Why should I work with you?

We bring a deep understanding of the e-commerce landscape to every project. Our holistic and integrated approach sets us apart. We don’t just focus on individual aspects; we bring together the best practices in graphic design, usability, and SEO to create a cohesive and effective online presence for your business. Our team is adept at combining these elements into a seamless solution, ensuring that every facet of your e-commerce store – from aesthetics to functionality – works in harmony to deliver the best possible results.

With us, you’re not just building a website; you’re crafting a comprehensive e-commerce experience tailored to your unique needs and goals.

From our clients


We’ve been working with the wonderful team at since April 2023. We started with a Shopify store revamp, then email marketing automation setup on Klaviyo, SEO work, Search Ads, and Social Ads, and we’re now helping them with 3rd party marketplace management. We love their products, their vision, and their team and they were kind enough to spend time and put together a testimonial to celebrate our collaboration together so far.

Chris T.

Co-founder, CEO, VitasupportMD

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