You’re trying to connect your Facebook to your Shopify store but you’re not really sure how to set that up correctly?

This article will show clear STEP by STEP instructions on how to integrate Facebook as a sales channel to your Shopify store.

First off, go to Shopify and add Facebook to your sales channels by clicking on the + plus sign in the top left menu next to the sales channels. Select Facebook and click on the green plus button. Confirm you want to add Facebook as a sales channel.

Now for the fun part!

1st step: connect your Facebook account, a new window will open and you need to confirm your password

2nd step: connect the Business manager of the business you’re linking to:

3rd step: verify your domain. To complete this step, you need to go to your business manager and click on Business Settings. On the left-hand side, go to Brand Safety and then Domains. 

The steps are clearly stated there. Copy a meta-tag and go back to Shopify. Click on Online Store and in your live theme, click on Actions → edit code.

Be a bit careful here with pasting the meta-tag. Make sure you paste it in the <head> section, it would be best to do it just before the end  </head> 

Hit SAVE and open your website link. Right-click anywhere on the website and go to View Page Source (or press CTRL+U)

Search for the code you just pasted with CTRL+F and see if it shows in the page source.

Then go back to Facebook Business Manager and press the green button: Verify Domain

This should allow you to complete step 3.

4th step: Connect your Facebook page. If you have several in your Business Manager, select the one that applies for the store you’re currently working on.

5th step is about data sharing. You need to select a level of sharing. Make sure your privacy policy states how customer personal data will be used and shared with 3rd parties. You can also add a Facebook pixel in this step or even skip this step for now.

6th step is connecting your Commerce Account. This is where people encounter issues as a lot of Commerce Account – especially new ones- are not eligible for Facebook or Instagram shopping. You can see how to pass this step in this article.

7th step is about agreeing to Terms and Conditions! And done!

You’re ready, set up to customize your shop, and integrate your products with Facebook. 

You can select how you want your customers to checkout in your Commerce Account.

 Please reach out to us if you need any assistance along the way and we would be happy to help!

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