Doing Email Marketing correctly is something that evades the vast majority of eCommerce stores. Most forget to do even the most basic of operations. We have compiled the below checklist for you to follow and ensure you are doing things right. Follow it closely and get a great advantage over your competitors.

1. Pick the correct Email Marketing Provider

Be sure to select a provider that offers eCommerce triggers, not a CRM (i.e. Constant Contact). I’ve detailed this in the 5 Must-Haves When Selecting an Email Marketing Provider (Case Study) article

2. Set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. Check blacklists for deliverability issues.

99% of websites do not have one of the above done. Be part of the 1%. Read instructions in the 3 Easy Checks to Improve Email Deliverability article.

3. Improve your Transactional Emails

You want to make the most out of your most opened emails, ever. It’s a small effort that offers great gains. Steps and examples ready in Transactional Emails Importance | Magento Guide.

4. Improve Open Rates

Brush up on your Open Rate knowledge with this quick, 3 steps guide. The sooner you send emails that get opened, the better – Increase your Email Open Rate with 3 Easy Steps

5. Visualize your subscribe journey

Build a logic scheme to understand what will be sent to your subscribers. Email Marketing Automation – The Blueprint

6. Build your Email Marketing Automation platform

Don’t settle for Cart Abandonment – build a corporate-grade Email Marketing automation plan for your customers to get excellent results with The Quick Guide to Email Marketing Automation

7. Create an Email Marketing Calendar (Planner)

Prepare your Marketing Calendar for the next 3-6 months. Add in holidays, sales events, in-store events, giveaways. Coordinate them through your entire company and have your team share their input

8. Execute

Build good looking emails with 80/20 text/image ratios. Follow your automated email results bi-weekly. Implement A/B split testing with everything you send out

Feeling overwhelmed? No need to! It’s actually simpler to do than it is to write about. Let’s jump on a call and I’ll give you a pep talk to raise your confidence :).