Email Marketing Automation means sending out automated, or triggered, emails to your subscribers based on actions they take or have taken in the past.

Automation emails range from the classic Shopping Cart Abandonment to Replenishment Campaigns, from Browse Abandonment to squeezing a second order from new customers.

95% of companies I’ve worked with, had close to nothing when it comes to automation and every time I heard the same stories: “It’s something expensive, right?”, “We started but got lost on the way”, “What is this automation you speak of?”.

Since you are reading this, please know that once you complete these guides, you will be part of the winning 5% that have a serious automation program live and well.

The reason most Email Marketing Automation programs fail is that the person responsible did not plan ahead. Let’s not be that person!

1. Let’s pick an email service provider

I’ll recommend Klaviyo (inexpensive | easy to set up on Magento, Shopify, and Woo | no contract | free trial -> I’ll help you set it up as time allows it, see the below form)

2. Build your strategy so that you understand where you are headed

I use to build a logic scheme for every client. The base will always be the same, you want to have all your data entry points and all the possible actions a user might take.

You will be able to create the following flows:

1. New Subscribers -> subscribed, no order -> Flow to get him to place the first order

2. New Customer – i.e. placed first order -> Flow to get him to place a second order within 30-45 days

3. Returning customers – placed 2 or more orders -> promote the brand, get reviews, promote to friends and family

4. Cart Abandoners

5. Browse Abandoners

6. Clean up Flows (where you email a super good offer to subscribers that have not been active for 3-6-9-12 months depending on how seasonal your business is)

7. Replenishment Campaigns -> emails shoppers to remind them to replenish their supply of a product that is finite (i.e. laundry detergent)

8. Related Product Campaigns -> emails shoppers as soon as they have placed an order to draw their attention to products that go great with the products they’ve purchased