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Shopify Services

From complete website build to theme customization, from store migration and catalog management to app development, we are certified Shopify 5* Experts. 
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In the last years, our focus switched from Magento to Shopify and we’ve been heavily involved with Shopify Stores while actively helping 100+ Shopify store owners with various Shopify-related issues. The beauty of Shopify is that most functionalities do not require custom development work and we guide our clients to the easiest, less expensive, most reliable solution while avoiding custom development. In order to have a successful Shopify Store you need to follow the next steps: 1. solid foundation – a sturdy, feature-rich, responsive website that respects today’s best practices 2. sales funnels – email automation with new subscriber flow (2 popups, 3 emails), abandonment flows (site, browse, add to cart, checkout – 10 emails), new customer flow (3-4 emails to drive a second sale), repeat customer flows (2 emails to build the brand), UGC flow (to generate reviews), replenishment flows and more 3. push traffic to the site and continuously work to optimize (by doing weekly checks of google analytics and working towards driving the conversion rate up, the bounce rate down, the exit rate down) Whether you need help with task-based issues or need someone for ongoing support, we will make sure to offer outstanding service!

Search Engine Optimization

From regular SEO Auditing to implementation, optimization, and fixes, our team of experts will work to address issues, create content and help grow your organic traffic.
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The first step in optimizing your site for search engines is to run a complete audit. Our team will review your current SEO status and performance, then determine a strategy to prioritize and work on implementation. Our SEO experts will make sure to add the recommended keywords to your site’s meta title, meta description, and image alt tags. This will helps search engines connect your website with the keyword, making your page more relevant. To help gather and analyze vital SEO and traffic data, as well as any potential errors on your site, our team will install, configure and monitor Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics. We will create content for your website – product descriptions and titles, collection descriptions and blog articles to keep content fresh, targeting your keywords but avoiding keyword spamming. We will assist with white-hat link building to help grow your domain authority.  

3rd Party Marketplaces

From technical setup to ongoing listing optimization, our experience with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy & more is great spanning over 10 years.
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Marketplace Integration: finding out what integration possibilities exist between the desired marketplace and the CMS. Installing and setting up the sync. Product Data Requirements: Find out what the taxonomy requirements are and communicate them to the client. Product Data Preparation: Adding the necessary product data. Pushing New Products: Perfecting product data and listing new products. Adapting As Per Marketplace Requirements: adapting the product data structure when the marketplace taxonomy changes. Checking KPIs: checking marketplace KPIs and communicating best practices to the client on an as-needed basis. Marketplace Errors: regularly checking for marketplace errors for existing products and fixing the errors.

Social Media

Being present on social media channels is mandatory for eCommerce these days. We can help you integrate Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok to your Shopify store, create a social media posting strategy and setup pixel and ads.
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The Social Media services we offer cover both organic as well as paid efforts. Organic Social Media

Social media strategy planning, page setup, branding & strategic content planning, feed posting strategy, copywriting, editing, and post scheduling as well as community management.

We cover Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, Pinterest, others

Paid Social Media We can help implement highly-optimized Social Media Advertising campaigns through Facebook & Instagram Business Manager, TikTok Ads, or Pinterest ads. We ensure the ads are fully tested for excellent delivery, monitored, and optimized.

Email Marketing

From email marketing automation to campaigns and newsletters, blueprints, and strategy. From auditing to ramping up, we are certified Klaviyo Gold Partners and Omnisend specialists.
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Email Marketing Automation means sending out automated, or triggered, emails to your subscribers based on actions they take or have taken in the past.  This is an important step before pushing paid traffic to your store as it will maximize the conversion rate for that paid traffic. We can help with setting up and integrating a recommended email marketing software provider, creating a blueprint for your specific needs, creating flows and content for the emails in the flows. Our recommendation is to have, at the very least, the 6 fundamental flows set up and working for you. We can help you strategize and implement. Email automation is what we deliver to our Corporate Clients, our specialty. Take advantage of our experience and get corporate-grade automated emails set up today!  

Graphic Design

From creating your Brand Style Guide, to designing graphics for your website, emails, and social posts, our talented creative team is here to help!
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A Brand Style Guide establishes procedures and shows how your brand may be communicated to present and future customers in your target market. You can communicate a consistent brand identity across all platforms by having a set of rules and guidelines. A good website design directs your users’ views and tells them where they should look and click. Email marketing design allows your company to reach clients: engage and interact with your target audience in a personalized manner while also increasing revenue at a low cost.

Store Management

We can be your eCommerce team and help you to run your online store A-Z! From catalog management to graphic design, content creation, running regular audits, and implementing fixes, we are experienced and trained on today’s best practices. Our main goal: increase sales & grow your business!
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Running a successful eCommerce business means daily, weekly, and monthly optimization work. It means constant efforts to stay active on all sales channels. Hiring one person or more to handle this internally is a painful and expensive solution. Very few people are up to date with the latest standards and tools in eCommerce. From data management to SEO, from conversion rate optimization to graphic design and content creation, we have a team of specialists, ready to handle all eCommerce-related tasks. Our team works with businesses of many sizes, from many verticals and markets. This keeps us up to date with the latest trends so that we have fresh input and are effective.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads have gotten more expensive in the last few years, that is why you need to make sure your campaigns are set up correctly and are being optimized regularly.

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Google & Bing PPC Setup & Management Everything from Google and Bing Ads, Google Shopping List, Google Display Network (GDN), and Remarketing are handled by our certified team. By bidding on specific and relevant keywords, these ads allow you to position your website in the top results of a search page. Social Media PPC Campaign Setup & Management Services Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok ads TikTok is an opportunity to diversify your marketing strategy, with a focus on a new generation of customers. It has become an important platform for any business due to its customers, constantly growing.

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