If you’re looking to give your Shopify eCommerce store a makeover, or simply want to create some new graphics for marketing purposes, Canva is definitely the tool for you. Create eye-catching, professional-grade images easily with templates and tools that are built specifically for eCommerce. Edit photos to build graphics for online stores, grow your business. It is a tool that helps create awesome eCommerce graphics.

Canva enables you and your team to work efficiently when it comes to editing images and customizing reports, presentations, videos, social media graphics, and more. You can find this amazing tool at: https://www.canva.com/. This tool offers a variety of features for eCommerce businesses. As it is a drag-and-drop intuitive editor it helps simplify your editing workflow. It empowers professionals, experts, or hobbyists to edit and effortlessly design and publish a wide selection of documents including videos, presentations, newsletters, reports, calendars, infographics, menus, brochures, and more.


A key feature is the possibility to access and use Canva’s included library of free stock imagery, videos, animations, music, and fonts. And the possibility to share your documents as you prefer.

Background remover, a feature that comes with Canva Pro makes cropping the background very easy with just one click.

The free templates will inspire you. You can also easily change an image or document. The free icons that you can access can be professionally styled to match your style or purpose. You can make a good impact and focus on content in order to generate traffic for your online Shopify store.


Filters, effects, adjustments, and more can be used to improve your artwork. Some of the features that will enhance your graphic work are:

  1. Cropping – areas of an image can be excluded using this tool. The rule of thirds that divides your image into thirds, both vertically and horizontally will help you in the process of cropping your image.
  2. Blurring – will add quality to a background image. The method of making a subject or group of subjects stand out is to make the background out of focus or blurred. It helps to emphasize a subject and is used in a variety of images ranging from portraits and text to photographs and more. 
  3. Saturation – edit the color intensity. The adjustments for color, tone and contrast will improve the look of an image. Adjusting the saturation helps to alter the coloring, the depth of the color, and the darkness of them, by increasing the contrast or reducing it.
  4. Brightness – creating lightning effects improves your photo using the brightness setting
  5. Filters will help you increase a certain color tone or change the density of color to achieve a specific effect.
  6. To generate a specific impression, you can use a color tone or modify the density of color.
  7. Grids will help you enhance your layout. Grids will assist you in improving your design.
  8. You can add frames to your image to draw attention to the image.
  9. Text can be added to your artwork and images to create banners, posters, greetings, cards, leaflets, logos, and more.
  10. Contrast – by creating contrast you ensure your message pops up. So, create contrast, not conflict. It also helps reveal the importance of each element of your artwork, setting a hierarchy.
  11. Color choice, tints, and shades bring out variety in your message and also help draw attention to the message you want to transmit.

As you can see, Canva is a powerful tool that can help your business grow. With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features, you can create graphics for your store quickly and easily.

Canva is the solution for you if you’re looking for a terrific way to generate visuals for your Shopify store. With an easy-to-use interface and tons of templates and design assets available, you can create professional-looking images in no time.