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Website Speed – Google Page Speed Results

  • Homepage 26/100 on mobile, 64/100 on desktop 
  • Category page: 33/100 on mobile, 65/100 on desktop
  • Product page: 23/100 on mobile, 58/100 on desktop

 You could easily and painlessly improve speed by reaching out to your hosting provider and asking them to help you reduce the TTFB (time to first byte / server response time)

In order to further improve the website speed you would need to have your developers help you Eliminate render-blocking resources.

There is one extension from Amasty that helps greatly with this although it may take some time for your developers to install and fully configure it: https://amasty.com/magento-google-page-speed-optimizer.html



  • Main banner sliders resolution is too high – 1920×548 – they could be reduced to help loading speed
  • “PRODUCTS WE LOVE” could be changed to “CUSTOMER FAVORITES” as visitors would rather find out what other people like instead of what the company trying to sell things likes.



  • copyright year is 2016 – should be updated to 2020
  • phone number is not click-able – mobile users have a harder than necessary time to give you a call
  • subscription box is missing an incentive


CMS Pages

  • The About Us page should have some graphics. As you know very few visitors will actually go through this page and it’s importance is mostly for SEO but it would be good to show pictures of the team, pictures of the store from back in 2001 – make this page into a nice story and you will certainly win the hearts of the people that go through the page


Category Pages

  • For clothing companies the Size Filter is the most used. You can check this for yourself in Google Analytics. I’d recommend expanding the size filter by default and cleaning up the sort order of the values http://prntscr.com/s51awd, http://prntscr.com/s51b1b, http://prntscr.com/s51b9m
  • Designer filter sorting order is not alphabetic or based on number of products
  • Price filter has too many narrow ranges – you should change to 0-$19.99, $20-$39.99, $40-59.99, $60 and above. Again, this is something you can see in Google Analytics, just exclude the ranges that never get used
  • Too many sorting options – you should definitely exclude the Sort by Position http://prntscr.com/s51815 – this sorting option means nothing for the visitor as they are not Magento connoisseurs :). I’d recommend leaving just: Newest, Price, Designer to get started and later on you could add Best Sellers, Most Discounted. There is a very nice extension from Amasty that could help you improve your sorting methods Improved Sorting for Magento 1


Product Pages

  • For the most part products are missing more detailed descriptions. These do not have to be made up of lengthy paragraphs but you could do what Amazon does and use bullet points.
  • Products on sales only have the regular and the sale prices showing. You should consider adding how much the customer saves in both amount and percentage. I.e. $59.00 , $89.95 , You Save: $30.95 (35%)
  • You should consider adding more product sliders, similar to what Amazon is doing. I.e. Goes great with (show shorts for tops, socks for shoes, shirts for jeans, tights for dresses, etc). This is very easy to implement with a great extension from Aheadworks (Automatic Related Products for Magento 1.


Shopping Cart

  • Does not show the amount saved for items on sale
  • Does not show Cross-Sells – these are your impulse buys – inexpensive items (shoe laces for shoes, socks and other essentials, belts for jeans, branded goods)



  • Missing One Step Checkout – we have seen over and over again how adding One Step Checkout helped improve the conversion rate of websites GREATLY. There’s a great extension from Amasty that can help you accomplish this quickly: One Step Checkout for Magento 1
  • Difficult to read the checkout steps due to the color: http://prntscr.com/s51heg


Email Marketing

  • You are using the default Magento Transactional Emails. Transactional Emails are so very important as these are going to be your most opened emails and it’s a great opportunity to get users to interact with them and to improve your sender domain reputation in the process.
  • As much as I could tell, there is no, or very little email automation happening. I.e. Cart Abandonment, Browse Abandonment, New Subscriber Flows (getting them to make the first purchase), New Customer Flow (getting them to love your brand and make the second purchase), Return Customer Flow (getting them to become brand ambassadors), and so many more. Setting these up might seem like a lot of work, but if you know what you’re doing it is not. I’ve actually created some articles on the blog that detail everything (i’m giving this stuff away for free 🙂 ) and if you would reserve 1-2 days you could be up and running before you know it. I’m happy to jump on a conference call and help you get started, for free.


Doing this review took longer than I had planned so I did not go over your mobile responsive site – everything in this audit is based on your desktop website.


I’m reserving 30 minutes every day to discuss with business owners and their eCommerce teams to help them. My main service offered is eCommerce Consulting but I also have a team with which we manage, today, 22 eCommerce sites in the US and the UK and we’ve been doing this since 2011.


I chose your site for this free audit because it’s on Magento and we are very experienced in working with children’s clothing websites – we actually built a 300+ vendor kids clothing marketplace in the U.S., getting that company from a boutique doing $1.5 per year, to a small marketplace with 300+ vendors doing $6mil+ per year.


Again, I hope you find this information and the guides I’ve created on the website useful and if you have any questions I’d be more than happy to help.

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